The Resignation Counselling

The resignation process is not as easy as it first seems, and there are right and wrong ways to approach this situation. In order to maintain a strong relationship with your previous employer (a good reference is essential in your future career), there are certain rules that must be obeyed in the process.

The correct way to resign:

  • Do not underestimate the resignation. Some candidates think that the hard work is done in securing the job offer, but in most cases the most difficult step lies ahead.
  • Do not delay – the longer you leave it to resign, the energy and enthusiasm that you initially had for your new job will diminish. Make the letter of resignation a priority.
  • Letter of resignation – keep it simple, do not go into great detail. Expressions of regret and sentiment are welcome, but do not go over the top. The letter should be addressed to your immediate manager and should contain the notice of termination of employment, when it is effective from and your signature.
  • Remember, that this letter will not be welcomed by your employer, but it has one sole purpose – to inform your employer of the date you wish to terminate your employment.

How do I break the news?

There is never a "good time" to resign, but it will not be the first time or last time that your employer will have faced this situation. They will have more experience of this than you will, but again if the process is carried out properly, you will have nothing to fear. Again, these tips will help:

  • Be 100% sure of your reasons for leaving and stick to your guns
  • Make sure your boss is the first to know – the last thing you need are rumours around your workplace and the boss finding out from someone else.
  • Be prepared for a negative reaction – your boss will not be happy as automatically you are making their job tougher.
  • Assure your boss that you will complete all of your current workload in the notice period, and advise on who would be best to step into your role in the meantime.

Promotion? Pay rise? We cannot afford to lose you!!

Will you or won’t you resign? This was all supposed to be so easy!! The ‘counter-offer’ was unexpected and you are flattered. More money for the same job!! However, before you decide, give some consideration to the following:

  • What were your reasons for seeking alternative employment? What made you unhappy and are these circumstances likely to change?
  • What will you have to do to secure a pay rise again in the future?
  • Weigh up the pros and cons of your present job against the new one.

Always be positive and don’t underestimate your capabilities. You are in demand and in control of your destiny.