It is important to ensure that you are well prepared for each interview you attend. Not only will you be more knowledgeable but you will also be more relaxed and confident. Do some research about the organisation that is interviewing you which will help you ask some intelligent questions. Company brochures, annual reports, websites and back issues of the trade press are all good sources of information.

Make sure you know the interviewer's full name, the correct pronunciation and their title together with the time and location of your interview. Arriving late always creates a bad impression so plan your journey well.

Making the Best Appearance

Aim to arrive early and be aware that the interview begins when you arrive at the reception and finishes when you leave the premises. Receptionists and secretarial staff are often asked to give their opinions on jobseekers so create a good impression from the start. You should dress smartly and appropriately for the company concerned.

The Interview

Shake the interviewer's hand firmly and maintain eye contact with them throughout your interview. In an interview for a temporary position more emphasis will be placed on past experience and the ability to complete the task at hand, whilst for a permanent post the interviewer will wish to find out more about your background and how it will fit into the organisation and what your career objectives and aims are.

Always prepare a few questions of your own as you need to evaluate the employer as much as they need to evaluate you.

Always contact your Expert consultant following the interview for feedback!

Be Positive
sit up straight and don’t cross your arms
it upsets the train of thought
look interested
get yourself comfortable to begin with
make frequent eye contact
Let your mind wander
you may miss something important
Reply to the questions
clearly and concisely
Be afraid to sell yourself
you want this job
Be polite
Remember to say please and thank you