Your CV

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The purpose of the CV is to get you that all-important interview. To do this, it must be sharply focused and designed to grab the employer's attention.

CV's are Changing - Is Yours Internet Friendly?

The basic CV has not changed for a very long time but now thanks to the Internet the CV is undergoing a metamorphosis.

Smart job seekers are changing their CV's to maximise their success in finding suitable positions through the web. Computers and database search engines use different criteria than a personnel manager when initially identifying potential jobseekers. Most sites have 24 hour access so CV's put on the Net are constantly active and working for you.

Verbs are Out - Nouns are In

Key words are the prime issue in any C.V. to be put on the Net. These are words that pop up when employers search a database. Key words also tend to be nouns i.e. skills, software packages, types of projects etc.

Chronology is Out - KSA is In

KSA stands for Knowledge, Skills and Ability. Many of the most successful CV's on the Net have a key word section very near the top containing all the person's attributes. This section ensures that your CV is more likely to be selected when an employer searches a database.

Formatting is dead

Switch off the fancy italics and bold face - databases cannot understand them and scanners tend to scramble them.

Tailor your CV so that it addresses the employer's needs. Prioritise and highlight the skills and accomplishments which you think would fit the employer's expectations of the ideal employee.

Remember the distinction between claims and credibility. Make statements about your skills and achievements and be able back them up with hard evidence in an interview situation

Use action verbs when listing accomplishments in your hard-copy CV e.g. 'conducted', 'established', 'implemented', 'increased', ' investigated', 'negotiated', 'reorganised'. Quantify, personalise, and be specific in your descriptions.

Before you send your CV read it through and pay careful attention to punctuation, grammar and spelling. These factors can be extremely important to ensure that your application is viewed positively.