AccessNI Umbrella Registered Body

Expert Recruitment endeavour to assist their clients in all aspects of the Recruitment process. Clearance for any employee working in a "specified area" is critical to most businesses' in these challenging times. We are a registered Umbrella Body for AccessNI and will undertake a "clearance" process for your organisation. Forms will be forwarded to a direct contact within your organisation, guidelines regarding these forms will also be included, as will the approximate timelines for completion.

An Umbrella Body is an organisation which has registered with AccessNI to make applications for Standard and Enhanced Disclosures on behalf of other organisation.

The Standard Disclosure Certificate shows details of spent and unspent convictions and cautions. It does not show details of cases pending.

Is applied for by a Registered Body where the position is included within the scope of the Rehabilitation of Offenders (Exceptions) Order (Northern Ireland) 1979. This legislation has been heavily amended and particular consideration should be given to the Rehabilitation of Offenders (Exceptions) (Amendments)(No2) Order (Northern Ireland) SR 2009 No.303

The completed Application Forms are countersigned by the Registered Body and sent to AccessNI once the identity has been verified.

Both the Registered Body and the Applicant receive copies of the Disclosure Certificate.


An Enhanced Disclosure contains all of the information in the Standard Disclosure plus other relevant information held in police records. It also clearly indicates whether the applicant is on the ISAs Childrens list or Vulnerable Adults list and therefore is barred from working with those groups.

Relevant information in police records can include information about attempted prosecutions that were unsuccessful or behaviour that might be indicative of criminal activity.

An Enhanced Disclosure will be issued where the Registered Body makes a statement which states that it is required for both an "exempted and a 'prescribed purpose' under Part V of the Police Act 1997. In the context of AccessNI's services, 'prescribed purpose' or "specified place" relates only to the Enhanced disclosure process.

Please contact Expert Recruitment today on 028 7776 7463 for all the information you require in order to have your existing or soon to be appointed staff checked.